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Tri-Cities Economic Profile

The Economic Profile of the Tri-Cities is an in-depth report that outlines every aspect of what makes the Tri-Cities a great region in which to live, work, invest, and play. Specifically, the Profile contains statistics on population, labour, education, economic activity, and other categories that are relevant to entrepreneurs looking to move their businesses into the area. The demographic statistics present in the document are primarily sourced from StatCan’s periodic Censuses of the Canadian Population.

The Profile also contains information specific to living in each city, including – but not limited to – property taxes, utility rates, quality of life indicators, and access to transportation. While the Profile was primarily designed to assist business owners, anybody wishing to learn more about the Tri-Cities could stand to benefit from reading it.

Tri-Cities 2024 Economic Profile

Tri-Cities 2024 Economic Profile, February 2024 edition, produced by the Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce.

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2024 Tri-Cities Economic Profile Infographic

The Tri-Cities Economic Profile infographic was designed as a visual guide of some of the information included in our full report.

The infographic displays key demographic statistics about each individual city, allowing business owners – and other interested parties – to take a quick glance at the demographic and economic makeups of each of the three cities in the region.

Most of the statistics included in this infographic were sourced from Statistics Canada and Metro Vancouver.

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