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BCMindReader is an online insight community that amplifies your business’ voice.

Created by the BC Chamber of commerce, BCMindReader was developed to provide the government with faster and more representative insights about BC business and the BC economy.

As a member of the BCMindReader community, you can share your concerns and feedback directly with the government, influence the decisions that affect your bottom line and make informed choices about your business.

What is BCMindReader?

  • It’s an opt-in BC Business intelligence community — that is over 2000 members strong and projected to grow to 3500 by the end of 2020.
  • Our members are CEOs and leaders, entrepreneurs, captains of industry, business owners large and small, and corporate British Columbians.
  • Members provide insight into the BC economic landscape and voice concerns and opportunities for BC businesses.
  • Data gathered through Mind Reader is contextualized and shared with government. It informs our advocacy efforts and the policy process.
Why Join?
  • You’ll participate in surveys on topics you care about. All related to BC business and the provincial economy.
  • Information gathered through BC MindReader informs our advocacy efforts and policy direction.
  • We don’t just gather insights, we also share it back with you—so you can make data-driven decisions about your business.
  • Members are segmented by sector, region, gender (and more) to give us—and YOU—better insight into various business demographics.

Business Impact Data

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